Outside the Grist Mill

Outside Views Around the Cedar Creek Grist Mill

The Views around the Cedar Creek Grist Mill are inspiring even to those who live here. This covered bridge to the right is a sightseeing tour on it's own to many. And yet it is only a secondary attraction to visitors here.

Grist Mill Flume

Looking up stream to the left, you can see the flume and begin to understand how it can generate the power it does as it crashes down the rocks to the right of the flume.

If you are lucky enough to claim one of these picnic tables to the right, you can have a bite to eat while reflecting. If not, this short and easy walk has many points of view to appreciate and ponder.

picnic tables at the Grist Mill
New west shed

A Late Summer / Early Fall view of the Mill to the left from the covered bridge.

The scenery changes dramatically by the seasons of course as does the stream flow. This photo shows the Bridge, The Mill and the Keepers Home in an all in one photo.

Mill Bridge
Mill & Bridge in the snow

Another time of the year from about the same place after a winter snow.